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Seminar Programme - 1998

21 January 1998: Dr. Kevin Rigley, Edward Jenner Institute for Vaccine Research. "Pathogens, Innate Immunity, Adaptive Immunity- the Full Monty." Contact: Tim Wallis/John McCauley
28 January 1998: Prof. Ed Southern , Dept of Biochemistry, University of Oxford. "Antisense Oligonucleotides As Therapeutics and Gene Knockouts." Contact: Chris Bostock
4 February 1998: Dr. Greg Bancroft , London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. "The Role of NK Cells in Innate Resistance to Intracellular Pathogens." Contact: Bryan Charleston
11 Feb 1998: Dr. Adrian Smith , IAH Compton. "Dual Function of / T Cells in Response to Natural Parasite Infection." Contact: John McCauley
18 February 1998 - 4.30 pm: Prof. Freda Stevenson , Tenovus Laboratory, University of Southampton. "DNA Vaccines to Activate the Immune System Against Cancer." Contact: Norman Ross
25 February 1998: Dr. Chris Snell , Novartis Institute for Medical Sciences, London. "The Molecular Basis for the Sorting of Peptide Release Through the Regulated Secretory Pathway." Contact: John McCauley/ John Young
4 March 1998: Dr. James Miskin , IAH Pirbright Laboratory. "A Novel Viral Mechanism for Immune Evasion." Contact: John McCauley
11 March 1998 - 1.00 pm: Prof. Sir Walter Bodmer , University of Oxford. "The Somatic Evolution of Cancer." Contact: Shirley Ellis
18 March 1998: Prof. Douglas Young , Imperial College London at St Mary's Hospital. "Title to be announced." Contact: Ivan Morrison
25 March 1998: Dr. Chris Boshoff , Institute for Cancer Research, London. "KSHV: A New Oncogenic Virus?" Contact: Norman Ross
22 April 1998: Dr. Dave Barry , University of Glasgow. "Title to be announced." Contact: Martin Shirley
29 April 1998: Dr. M. Virji , University of Bristol. "Title to be announced." Contact: Tim Wallis
6 May 1998: Dr Duncan Campbell, UK HGMP Resource Centre, Hinxton, Cambridge. "Molecular Characterisation of the Human MHC." Contact: Shirley Ellis
13 May 1998: Prof. Michael Ferguson , University of Dundee. "The Structure and Biosynthesis of Parasite and Mammalian GPI Membrane Anchors." Contact: John McCauley
20 May 1998: Dr Brendan Kenny, Department of Pathology and Microbiology, University of Bristol. "Recent Developments in Enteropathogenic E. Coli Pathogenesis." Contact: Tim Wallis
27 May 1998: To be announced.
3 June 1998: Dr G. Elliot, Marie Curie Cancer Research Labs, Oxted, Surrey. "Intracellular Spread and Differential Cellular Localisation of a Herpes Simplex Virus Structural Protein." Contact: John McCauley
10 June 1998: Dr. Mark Carrington , University of Cambridge. "Title to be announced." Contact: Martin Shirley
17 June 1998: Dr Angela McLean, IAH, Compton Laboratory. "Population Dynamics of HIV Infection within Infected Individuals." Contact: John McCauley
24 June 1998: Dr. Brendan Wren , St Bartholomews Hospital Medical College. "From Genes to Genome Biology - A New Era for Bacterial Pathogenicity Research." Contact: Tim Wallis
1 July 1998: Prof. Frances Gotch , Dept of Immunology, Imperial College London at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. "Title to be announced." Contact: Shirley Ellis
8 July 1998: Dr. Kathryn Wood , The Nuffield Dept Of Surgery, University of Oxford. "Title to be announced." Contact: Shirley Ellis
30 September 1998: Dr Adrian Kelly, Department of Pathology, University of Cambridge. "Intracellular targetting of HLA-DM." Contact: Shirley Ellis
7 October 1998: Dr Michael Bailey, Department of Clinical Veterinary Sciences, University of Bristol. "Activation of lamina propria T cells: life and death in the intestine." Contact: Tim Wallis
14 October 1998: Dr Paul Dear, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge. "HAPPY mapping of Cryptosporidium, Eimeria and other genomes." Contact: Martin Shirley
21 October 1998: Dr Rick Randall, University of St Andrews. "Paramyxovirus pathogenesis and cellular anti-viral defence mechanisms." Contact: John McCauley
28 October 1998: Dr Ann Pullen, Department of Pathology, University of Bristol. "Signalling during development of intestinal intraepithelial lymphocytes." Contact: Jim Kaufman
4 November 1998: To be announced. Contact: Chris Birkett
11 November 1998: Dr Richard Grencis, University of Manchester. "Cytokine Mediated Regulation of Intestinal Helminth Infection." Contact: Martin Shirley
18 November 1998: Dr Tony Kouzarides, CRC Wellcome Unit, University of Cambridge. "Acetylation pathways in tyranscription and cell proliferation." Contact: John McCauley
25 November 1998: No Seminar: Bournemouth Science Review
2 December 1998: To be announced. Contact: Martin Shirley
9 December 1998: To be announced. Contact: Chris Birkett 
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