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Past Seminars at the Institute for Animal Health, Pirbright Laboratory - 1996

11 January 1996: Prof. David Stuart & Dr. Jonathan Grimes, University of Oxford. "X-ray Crystallography of the Bluetongue Virus Core (Latest Developments)." Contact: Peter Mertens.

18 January 1996: Dr. Tony Magee, National Institute for Medical Research, Mill Hill. "Role of Lipid Modifications in Protein Targeting and Function." Contact: Tom Wileman.

1 February 1996: Dan Haydon, Department of Zoology, University of Oxford. "Evolution of FMD virus capsid proteins." Contact: Alex Donaldson.

8 February 1996: Dr. Dorian Hasgard, Hammersmith Hospital. "The Quantification and Localization of Endothelial Activation in Inflammation." Contact: Tom Wileman.

22 February 1996: Dr. Cynthia Lord, Department of Zoology, University of Oxford. "Epidemiological Modelling of Arthropod-borne Virus Diseases." Contact: Alex Donaldson.

7 March 1996: Dr. Dan Cutler, Laboratory of Molecular Cell Biology, University College, London. "Biogenesis of Synaptic Vesicles and Secretory Granules." Contact: Tom Wileman.

14 March 1996: Dr. Linda Klavinski, Guy's Hospital. "The Mucosal Immunisation with DNA Liposome Complexes." Contact: Mike Parkhouse.

28 March 1996: Dr. Gerardo Lederkremer, University of Tel Aviv. "Quality Control of Protein Folding in the Endoplasmic Reticulum." Contact: Tom Wileman.

18 April 1996: Dr. Peter Arvan, Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard School of Medicine, USA. "Congenital Hyperthyroidism Due to An Endoplasmic Reticulum Storage Disease: A Paradigm for Understanding Molecular Chaperones in the ER." Contact: Tom Wileman

25 April 1996: Dr. Stacy Efstathion, Cambridge University. "Herpes Virus as a Delivery System for Gene Therapy." Contact: Tom Barrett.

2 May 1996: Dr. Ernie Gould, Institute of Virology and Environmental Microbiology, Oxford. "Molecular Epidemiology and Evolution of Flaviviruses." Contact: Nick Knowles.

16 May 1996: Dr. Jim Kaufman, IAH, Compton. "Simple MHC Molecules of Chickens, Resistance to Disease and Evolution of Birds." Contact: Tom Wileman.

30 May 1996: Dr. Colin Dunn, Institute of Virology Strasbourg, France and IAH Pirbright. "Animal Models in HIV Research." Contact: Tom Wileman.

6 June 1996: Dr. Stephen Curry, Imperial College, London University. "Cell Entry and Empty Shells - A Comparison of FMDV and Poliovirus." Contact: Linda Dixon.

Tuesday, 16 July 1996 (at 5:30pm in the Outside Canteen):
Dr. Stuart Marshall-Clarke, Dept. of Human Anatomy & Cell Biology, University of Liverpool. "Contrasting Responses of Neonatal and Adult B Cells to Receptor Ligation." Contact: Mike Parkhouse.

25 July 1996: Prof. Henk Huismans, University of Pretoria, South Africa. "African Horse Sickness and Related Orbiviruses in South Africa: Non-Structural Proteins." Contact: Peter Mertens.

22 August 1996: Dr. A.J. Della-Porta, Deputy Head of Laboratory, Australian Animal Health Laboratory, Geelong, Australia. "Studies on the Molecular Basis for Virulence and Pathogenicity of Newcastle Disease Virus Isolates." Contact: Alex Donaldson.

12 September 1996: Dr. Murray E. Selkirk, Imperial College of Science, London. "Secreted Acetyl Cholinesterases of Intestinal Nematode Parasites." Contact: Mike Parkhouse.

26 September 1996: Prof. Fred Brown, Plum Island Animal Disease Center, New York, USA. "1. Do the Non-Structural Proteins in Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus Particles have a Role in Replication? 2. All D-peptides as Immunogens in FMD Vaccination." Contact: Nick Knowles.

3 October 1996: Dr. Katey Owen, Dept. of Biological Sciences, Purdue University, Indiana, USA. "Defining Protein Interactions in Alphavirus Assembly." Contact: Tom Wileman.

14 November 1996: Dr. Richard Clifton-Hadley, Veterinary Laboratories Agency, New Haw, Surrey. "Mycobacterium Bovis Infection in a Wild Badger (Meles meles) Population." Contact: David Mackay.

21 November 1996: Postponed to 23 January 1997 (Dr. William James)

28 November 1996: Dr. Wendy S. Barclay, Virology Research Group, University of Reading. "Reverse Genetics with Influenza Viruses." Contact: Tom Barrett.

5 December 1996: Dr. Jan Whitby/Dr. Roy Cowley, Rabies Reseach and Diagnostic Group, Central Veterinary Laboratory, New Haw, Surrey. "Rabies: An Update." Contact: Nick Knowles.

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