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Seminars will normally take place in the conference room within the Ash Building at 4.30pm on Thursdays unless otherwise specified (differences highlighted in red).

Please telephone IAH reception on the day(s) you wish to attend to check seminar information is correct and to register your attendance

Seminar Programme - January to July 2004

Date Speaker Affiliation Title Contact

22 January 2004 Prof. Stuart Siddell Division of Virology, Department of Pathology and Microbiology, Medical Sciences, University of Bristol. "SARS-Coronavirus: a Lesson to be Learnt." Graham Belsham

29 January 2004 Prof. Francisco Sobrino INIA, Madrid, Spain. "Cellular Immune Response to Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus: Implications for Vaccine Design." Haru Takamatsu

5 February 2004 Dr. Mike Skinner

IAH, Compton.

"Molecular Biology and Applications of Fowlpox Virus." Michael Baron

12 February 2004 Dr. Maria Montoya Jenner Institute for Vaccine Research, Compton, UK. "Differential Activation of Splenic Dendritic Cell Subsets following LCMV Infection of Mice: Involvement of IFNs Type I." Haru Takamatsu

19 February 2004 NO SEMINAR

26 February 2004 NO SEMINAR

4 March 2004 Dr. Alison Whitelegg Anthony Nolan Research Institute, Royal Free Hospital, Hampstead, London. "Detection of Peptide-specific Alloreactive CD8+ T Cells using MHC Tetramers." Miriam Windsor

11 March 2004 Prof. Jim Hogle Leverhulme Trust Visiting Fellow in the School of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Univ. of Leeds. "On the Outside Looking In: Poliovirus as a Model for How Nonenveloped Viruses Enter Cells." Terry Jackson

18 March 2004 Prof. Soren Alexandersen IAH, Pirbright. "Foot-and-Mouth Disease: The Picture." Soren Alexandersen

25 March 2004 Prof. Jurgen Schneider-Schaulies Institute for Virology and Immunobiology, Würzburg, Germany. Title to be announced Tom Barrett

1 April 2004 NO SEMINAR (SGM)

8 April  2004 NO SEMINAR (Easter)

22 April 2004 Dr. Tony Della-Porta Managing Director, Biosecurity and Biocontainment International Consultants Pty Ltd, Geelong, Australia. Title to be announced Peter Mertens

29 April 2004 Dr. Michael Watson IAH, Compton. "Bioinformatics at the IAH." Terry Jackson

13 May 2004 Prof. Louise Cosby Chair of Microbiology & Director of the Inflammation Research Centre, The Queen's University of Belfast. "Morbillivirus Infection of the Central Nervous System." Tom Barrett

Friday, 14 May 2004 @ 3.00 pm [CANCELLED] Dr. Paul Reiter Head of Arbovirology, Institut Pasteur, Paris Title to be announced Matthew Baylis

27 May 2004 Dr. David Wallace Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute, South Africa. "Development of Pox-vectored Vaccines at the OVI." Tom Barrett

3 June 2004 Dr. Stephen Tait Division of Cellular Biochemistry, The Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. "Apoptosis and Cancer." Penny Powell

8 July 2004 Dr. Paul Kellam Virus Genomics & Bioinformatics Group, Division of Infection and Immunity, University College London. "The First Line of Defence: Dendritic Cell Transcriptional Responses to Bacterial and Viral Antigens." Peter Mertens

Wednesday, 14 July 2004 @ 4.30 pm Dr. Mark Thurmond Department of Medicine and Epidemiology, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California. "Global FMD Surveillance Modelling." David Paton

Seminar Programme - September to December 2004

Date Speaker Affiliation Title Contact

2 September 2004 @ 3.00 pm Prof. Bob Swanepoel Special Pathogens Unit, National Institute for Communicable Diseases, Sandringham, South Africa. "Investigation of Formidable Zoonoses." Uwe Mueller-Doblies

30 September 2004 Dr. Malcolm Banks Veterinary Laboratories Agency, Weybridge, Surrey "Hepatitis E: An Emerging Threat?" Donald King

14 October 2004 Prof. Robin Weiss Division of Infection and Immunity, University College London. "Human Blood Groups and HIV Infection." Terry Jackson

Wednesday, 3 November 2004 @ 4.30 pm Prof. Richard McIntosh Dept of Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology, University of Colorado. "Electron Tomography - A New Window on Cell Organisation and Function." Chris Oura

Wednesday, 17 November 2004 @ 4.30 pm Dr. Paco Rodriguez Departamento de Biologia Molecular y Celular, Centro Nacional de Biotecnologia (CSIC) UAM Cantoblanco, Madrid, Spain. "Infectious Bursal Disease Virus (IBDV) Morphogenesis: Learning to Manipulate an Icosahedral Capsid." Peter Mertens

25 November 2004 Dr. Philip Mellor IAH, Pirbright "Environmental Influences on Arbovirus Infections and their Vectors." Terry Jackson

2 December 2004 Dr. Gerry McInerney Microbiology and Tumour Biology Centre (MTC), Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden. "Semliki Forest Virus–induced Host Cell Translation Shutoff is Mediated by the Regulated Assembly and Disassembly of Stress Granules." Terry Jackson

9 December 2004 Dr. Chris Oura IAH, Pirbright "Discoveries in the Molecular Epidemiology and Population Genetics of Theileria parva in Uganda."

Nick Knowles

16 December 2004
Dr. Ernie Gould Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Oxford. "The Arboviruses Are Coming: Shall We All Wake Up Dead?" Nick Knowles

Seminar Co-ordinator: Terry Jackson

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Current seminar co-ordinator: Jayne Hope

Current seminar co-ordinator: Nick Knowles
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