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Seminar Programme - January to December 2000

Date Speaker Affiliation Title Contact

17 February 2000 Dr. Pauline O'Grady Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School, Boston "The Extracellular Matrix Molecule Laminin as a Ligand for the LAR Receptor Tyrosine Phosphatase." (Abstract) Tom Wileman

16 March 2000 Dr. John McCauley IAH, Compton "Viruses versus Interferon: An Overview." Andrew King

23 March 2000 Dr. Andy Maule John Innes Institute, Norwich Research Park, Colney, Norwich "Programmed Responses to Virus Infection in Plants." Linda Dixon

6 April 2000 Dr. Mari Chow University of Arkansas, USA "Poliovirus Uptake into Cells." Tom Wileman

Monday, 10 April 2000
at 1.30 pm
Dr. Sybille Schneider-Schauliess Dept of Virology, University of Wurzburg "Effector Structures and Molecular Mechanisms of Measles Virus-Induced Immunosuppression." Tom Barrett

4 May 2000 Dr. Christian Griot I.V.I.Mittelhausern, Switzerland "Classcial Swine Fever in Wild Boars - The Swiss Experience." Alex Donaldson

Monday, 8 May 2000
at 3.30 pm
Prof. Henk Huismans University of Pretoria, South Africa "African Horsesickness Virus: Some Unique Features of Its Major Capsid Protein VP7 and Its Minor Non-Structural Protein NS3." Peter Mertens

8 June 2000 Dr. Nadia Tuzi IAH Neuropathogenesis Unit, Edinburgh "Modelling TSE Diseases in the Mouse." Andrew King

20 July 2000 Dr. Louise Cosby Queen's University of Belfast "Approaches to Understanding Measles Virus Neurovirulence." Tom Barrett

27 July 2000
at 1:30 pm
Dr. Larry Silbart University of Connecticut Center for Environmental Health "Developing Mucosal Peptide and DNA Vaccines for FMDV." Tom Wileman

14 September 2000 Dr. George Santis Department of Respiratory Medicine & Allergy, Guy's Hospital, London, UK "Molecular and Structural Determinants of Adenovirus Fibre-CAR Interactions." Terry Jackson

21 September 2000 Dr. Terry McMaster University of Bristol "Atomic Force Microscopy - New Insights on High Resolution Structure and Dynamic Processes." Paul Monaghan

12 October 2000, 16:00-17:30
(Two seminars)
Prof. Tony Minson Division of Virology, University of Cambridge "Assembly and Function of Herpesvirus Envelope Proteins." Nick Knowles
Dr. Mike Sakalian University of Alabama, USA "Assembly of Retroviruses." Tom Wileman

Wednesday, 18 October 2000, 1.15 pm (Inside Conf. Rm.) Dr. Lesley Bell-Sakyi CTVM, University of Edinburgh "Cowdria in Tick Cell Lines - A New Approach to Heartwater Immunisation." Rachel O'Hara

9 November 2000 Dr. Torstein Sandvik Veterinary Laboratories Agency, Weybridge, Surrey "Classical Swine Fever: Exotic to or Enzootic in Europe?" Nick Knowles

16 November 2000 Dr. Gillian Griffiths William Dunn School of Pathology, Oxford University "Identifying Secretory Mechanisms in Haemopoietic Cells: The Lessons Form Immunodeficiencies." Linda Dixon

23 November 2000 No seminar (IAH SCIENCE REVIEW, BOURNEMOUTH)

7 December 2000:
Dr. Gill Elliott Virus Assembly Group, Marie Curie Research Institute, Oxted  Title to be announced Nick Knowles

Seminar Co-ordinator: Nick Knowles

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Current seminar co-ordinator: Jayne Hope

Current seminar co-ordinator: Nick Knowles
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