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Seminars will normally take place in the conference room within the Ash Building at 4.30pm on Thursdays unless otherwise specified (differences highlighted in red).

Please telephone IAH reception on the day(s) you wish to attend to check seminar information is correct and to register your attendance

Seminar Programme - January to July 2007






25 Jan 2007 Dr. Martin Wickham

Institute of Food Research, Norwich.

"The Model Gut - An Unprecedented View of Digestion." Veronica Fowler
1 Feb 2007 Dr. Rowland Kao Population Biology of Infectious Diseases, University of Oxford. "Implications of Heterogeneous Contact Structures for Disease Transmission." Don King
22 Feb 2007 Dr. Geoff Oldham IAH-Compton "Applications and Awards." Chris Oura
1 Mar 2007 Dr. Simon Graham VLA/ILRI, Nairobi, Kenya. "Exploiting Host Immunity and Parasite Genomics to Develop a Sub-unit Vaccine Against East Coast Fever." Chris Oura
8 Mar 2007 Dr. Philippa Beard Imperial College, London. "The Role of Poxviral Kelch Proteins as Virulence Factors." Chris Oura
15 Mar 2007 Dr. Patrick J. Pead Formerly of the University of Southampton Medical School. "A Bold Thing: Myth and Reality in the Dawn of Vaccination." Carrie Batten
22 Mar 2007 Dr. Anke Brüning-Richardson Cancer Research UK Clinical Centre, St. James's University Hospital, Leeds, UK. "APC and EB1 Interactions at Microtubule Ends: Their Importance in Mitosis." Miriam Windsor
26 Mar 2007
@ 1.30 pm
Dr. Derek Smith Dept. of Zoology, University of Cambridge, UK. "Antigenic Cartography." Don King
29 Mar 2007 Dr. Nick Ede Mimotopes (UK) Ltd. "Peptide Synthesis Services at Mimotopes: from Vaccine to Drug Development and then back again." John Anderson
19 Apr 2007 NO SEMINAR (SVS Training Course 19-20 April)
26 Apr 2007 @ 4.00 pm Dr. Paul Kitching National Centre for Foreign Animal Diseases (NCFAD), Winnipeg, Canada. "The Re-emergence of Poxviruses." Chris Oura
14 Jun 2007 Dr. Danielle DiCara Experimental Medicine & Rheumatology, William Harvey Research Institute, John Vane Science Centre, London. "Targeting αVβ6 Integrin: Imaging Cancer with FMDV-derived Peptides." Terry Jackson
21 Jun 2007 NO SEMINAR (room not available)
12 Jul 2007 Dr. Julian Hiscox The Astbury Centre for Structural Molecular Biology, University of Leeds. "The Biophysical and Cell Biological Characterisation of the Coronavirus Nucleocapsid Protein." Satya Parida
19 Jul 2007 Dr. Colin Crump Division of Virology University of Cambridge. "ESCRTing Herpesviruses: Cytoplasmic Envelopment of HSV-1." Linda Dixon
26 Jul 2007 Dr. Ruth Harvey National Institute for Biological Standards and Control, South Mimms, Herts, UK. "Avian Influenza - Preparation for a Pandemic." Dave Chapman
2 Aug 2007 Dr. James Wood Cambridge Infectious Diseases Consortium (CIDC), Cambridge, UK. "Infection Dynamics at Different Scales: Work Ongoing in CIDC." Camille Szmaragd

Autumn-Winter Seminars

20 Sep 2007
Dr. Martin Vordermeier VLA, Weybridge. "Cattle TB Vaccines and the Development of Immunological Surrogates of Protection." Veronica Fowler
4 Oct 2007
Dr. Ailsa Hall Sea Mammal Research Unit, Univ. of St. Andrews. "Phocine Distemper Virus in Seals - Data and Models, Nature and Nurture." Don King
11 Oct 2007 Dr. Martin Beer Institute of Diagnostic Virology, Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut, Greifswald-Insel Riems, Germany. "Novel Vaccines Against Pestiviruses and a Short Overview of BTV in Germany." Satya Parida
25 Oct 2007 Dr. Mike Allen Plymouth Marine Laboratory, Plymouth, UK. "Unravelling the Mysteries of a Giant Virus." Eleanor Cottam
15 Nov 2007
@ 4.00 pm
Prof. Katharina Staerk Royal Veterinary College, London. "Use of Risk-based Designs in Exotic Animal Disease Surveillance." Bartek Bankowski
22 Nov 2007 NO SEMINAR (room unavailable)
29 Nov 2007 Dr. Mark Chambers VLA, Weybridge. "Putting it in Black and White - TB Diagnosis and Vaccination in Badgers." Veronica Fowler
6 Dec 2007
@ 1.30 pm
Dr. Jean Manson Easter Bush Research Centre, Edinburgh. "The TSEs – Diagnostic Challenges and Predicting Risk of Transmission." Chris Oura
Monday, 10 Dec 2007 Dr. Martyn Jeggo Australian Animal Health Laboratory, Geelong, Australia "Equine Influenza in Australia." John Anderson
13 Dec 2007
Dr. Marvin Grubman Plum Island Animal Disease Center, Orient Point, NY, USA. Title to be announced. Bryan Charleston
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