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Seminar Programme - January to December 2000

12 January 2000: Dr Rene Stet, Wageningen University. "Evaluation of MHC Genes as QTL for Disease Resistance in Farmed Atlantic Salmon." Contact: Shirley Ellis

20 January 2000: THURSDAY TO BE HELD IN THE EDWARD JENNER LECTURE ROOM (Ground Floor)Prof Angus Lamond, Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, University of Dundee. "How the Nucleus Got its Spots: A Molecular Analysis of Subnuclear Organisation." Contact: John McCauley

26 January 2000: Dr David O’Connor, School of Biological Sciences, University of Southampton. "Unravelling Pathogen Survival Responses Using Proteomics." Contact: Mark Stevens

2 February 2000: Dr Pietro Mastroeni, Centre for Veterinary Science, University of Cambridge. "Mechanisms of Phagocyte Recruitment and Activation in Systemic Salmonella Infections."  Contact: Adrian Smith

9 February 2000: Dr Gerard Hoyne, University of Edinburgh Medical School. "The Role of Notch Signalling in Periferal Tolerance." Contact: Shirley Ellis / Ivan Morrison

16 February 2000: Dr Pauline Rudd, Glycobiology Institute, University of Oxford. "The Glycosylation of the Prion Protein." Contact: Jim Hope

23 February 2000: Dr Yvonne Boyd, Division of Molecular Biology, IAH Compton. "Why Bacon and Eggs Might Be Good for You: the Mouse Tattered Phenotype and Human X-linked Dominant Chondrodysplasia Are Caused by Defects in the Sterol Biosynthetic Pathway." Contact: John McCauley

1 March 2000: Dr Catherine Lawrence, Division of Infection & Immunity, Glasgow University. "The Role of Cytokines in Protection and Pathology in Intestinal Helminth Infection." Contact: Pete Kaiser

8 March 2000: Prof Ian Roberts, School of Biological Sciences, University of Manchester. "Bacterial Capsules: Why Are They Made and How?" Contact: Mark Stevens

15 March 2000: Prof Tony Turner, School of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, University of Leeds. "Membrane Anchors, Protein Secretases and Neurodegeneration." Contact: Mike Skinner

22 March 2000: Dr Gregor Meyers, Federal Research Centre for Virus Diseases of Animals, Tübingen, Germany. "Pestivirus Erns: a Unique Glycoprotein with Influence on Virus Virulence." Contact: Bryan Charleston

29 March 2000: Prof Timothy J. Williams, Biomedical Sciences Division, Imperial College School of Medicine, London. "Eotaxin and its Chemokine Receptor, CCR3: Targets for Novel Therapy Based on Blocking Osiniphil Trafficking in Asthma and Allergy." Contact: John McCauley

26 April 2000: Professor Guy Cornelis, Microbial Pathogenesis Unit, Universite Catholique de Louvain & Christian de Duve Institute of Cellular Pathology. Title to be announced. Contact: Mark Stevens

10 May 2000: Prof. Richard Elliott, University of Glasgow. "Bunyavirus RNA Synthesis: Proteins and Signals." Contact: Mike Skinner

24 May 2000: Prof. Chris Lowe, Institute of Biotechnology, University of Cambridge. "Biosensors." Contact: Jim Hope

31 May 2000: To be announced. Contact: Adrian Smith

7 June 2000: Oxford Immunology Group meeting at Compton. (Contacts: Adrian Smith, Shirley Ellis, Helen Bodmer)

Tuesday, 13 June 2000 (12.00 noon)Dr John Lowenthal, CSIRO Animal Health, Geelong, Australia. “Interferon Therapy - Does It Work?” Contact: Pete Kaiser

14 June 2000: Prof Mark Woolhouse, University of Edinburgh, Institute for Tropical Veterinary Medicine, Easter Brook. "Scrapie: A Centuries Long Epidemic?" Contact: Angela McLean

21 June 2000: Dr. Tracy Hussell, NHLI at St Mary's Hospital, Imperial College School of Medicine, "The Interaction of Immunity to Different Pathogens at Mucosal Surfaces." Contact: Pete Kaiser

28 June 2000: Dr. David Haig, The Moredun Research Institute, Scotland. "The Local In Vivo Immune Response to Orf Virus and Its Modulation by Virus Proteins." Contact: Pete Kaiser

19 July 2000: Dr. Don Williamson, NIMR, Mill Hill, London. "Apicomplexan Snakes and Ladders: Topology and Replication of Organelle Genomes." Contact: Martin Shirley

26 July 2000: Prof. Adrian Hill, University of Oxford. "New Malaria Vaccines." Contact: Shirley Ellis

Date Speaker Affliliation Title Contact

13 September 2000 Dr. Stacey Efstathiou Dept of Pathology, University of Cambridge "Mammalian Herpes Virus Latency." John McCauley

20 September 2000 Dr. Brian Williams CSIR Johannesberg, South Africa "The Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS in South Africa." Matthew Baylis

Thursday, 28 September 2000 Dr. Wilhelm Schwaeble University of Leicester, Dept of Microbiology & Immunology "The Role of Lectin Activation Pathway of Complement, Novel Antimicrobial Defense Route of Innate Immunity, in the Maintenance of Human and Animal Health." Ivan Morrison

4 October 2000 CANCELLED

Thursday, 12 October 2000 Dr. G. S. Besra Newcastle "Structure, Function and Biosynthesis of the Mycobacterial Cell Wall." John McCauley

18 October 2000 Dr. Lucas Bowler Dept of Molecular Microbiology, School of Biological Sciences, University of Sussex "Analysis of Differential Gene Expression in Bacteria: the Hunt for Virulence Factors." Jamie Leigh

Thursday, 19 October 2000 Dr. Petter Hopp Norwegian Veterinary Institute "Scrapie in Norway. History and Epidemiology." Rowland Kao

25 October 2000 Dr. John Ladbury University College London "Isothermal Titration Calorimetry as a Means of Studying Protein Structure/Ligand Interactions." Jim Hope

1 November 2000
(POSTPONED UNTIL 10 January 2001)
Prof. Ron Hay University of St. Andrew's "Activation of NF-kB Under Pathogenic and Non-pathogenic Conditions." John McCauley

8 November 2000
Prof. Chris Newbold Institute of Molecular Medicine, Oxford "Immunity, Pathogenesis and the Infected Red Cell Surface in Malaria." Martin Shirley

15 November 2000 Prof. Tim Hirst Dept. of Pathology & Microbiology, University of Bristol "Immunomodulation by Cholera Toxin." Mark Stevens

22 November 2000 No seminar (IAH SCIENCE REVIEW, BOURNEMOUTH)

29 November 2000 Prof. Hugh Miller Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, University of Edinburgh "Regulation of Expression and Biological Function of a Mucosal Mast Cell Granule-specific Chymase." Shirley Ellis

6 December 2000 Dr. Ursula Gompels Dept. of Infectious & Tropical Diseases, University London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine "Infection, Immune Evasion and Molecular Mimicry in Human Herpesvirus 6. Mike Skinner

13 December 2000
Dr. Kevin Rigley The Edward Jenner Institute for Vaccine Research, Compton APC as a Conduit for Sensing the Outside World and Orchestrating Adaptive Immunity …3 Years On. John Young

Seminar Co-ordinator: John McCauley

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Current seminar co-ordinator: Jayne Hope

Current seminar co-ordinator: Nick Knowles
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