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1992 Seminar Programme



13 Professor Tom Blundell

To be announced (Contact: M. Parkhouse)

23 David Connolly

Identification of novel MHC class I genes in the mouse.

Clinical Research Centre, Harrow. (Contact: M. Parkhouse)

30 Dr. David Morrell

Insulin-like growth factors.

Institute for Child Health, London. (Contact: T. Collen)



6 Dr. Simon Powis

Transporter genes in the MHC region.

AFRC Babraham, Cambridge. (Contact: M. Parkhouse)

13 Dr. M. Harnett

Some rules in the generation of second messages during lymphocyte activation.

University of Glasgow. (Contact: M. Parkhouse)



4 Dr. Estaban Domingo

Antigenicity and diversification of FMDV type C.

INIA, Madrid. (Contact: A.M.Q. King)

5 Dr. Geoff Smith

Vaccinia virus morphogenesis and immune evasion.

Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, Oxford University.

(Contact: L. Dixon)

12 Dr. M. Woolhouse

The application of models to biological systems.

Department of Zoology, Oxford University. (Contact: P. Kitching)




9* Dr. Joe Brownlie

The pathogenesis of a persisting virus, BVDV.

IAH, Compton Laboratory. (Contact: T. Collen)

14 Dr. Ivan Shatsky

Translation in Encephalomyocarditis virus.

Moscow State University, Moscow. (Contact: G. Belsham)

23 Dr. Ron Hay

Role of NF-KB in HIV transcriptional activation.

Department of Biochemistry, St. Andrews. (Contact: L. Dixon)

30 Dr. Mike Carter

Molecular biology of Caliciviruses.

Newcastle University. (Contact: N. Knowles)



7 Dr. Shirley Ellis

Characterisation of bovine MHC class I genes and products.

IAH, Compton Laboratory. (Contact: T. Collen)

14 Professor Tony Minson

Title to be announced

Cambridge University. (Contact: G.P. Thomas)

21* Dr. Bob Sellers

Temperature and the persistence of viruses in Culicoides during adverse conditions.

Former Director of Animal Virus Research Institute (now IAH, Pirbright Laboratory) and Animal Diseases Research Institute, Nepean, Ontario, Canada. (Contact: P. Mellor)



4 Dr. Teryl Frey.

Molecular biology of Rubella virus.

Department of Biology, University of Georgia. (Contact: M. Baron)

11 Professor Tom Lehner

Induction of mucosal and systemic immunity to simian immunodeficiency virus protein in non-human primates.

Guys Hospital, London. (Contact: A. Childerstone)

18 Dr. Brian Thomas

Why Influenza virus haemagglutinin is not a superantigen.

NIMR, Mill Hill. (Contact: M. Parkhouse)

25 Dr. Peter Lydyard

Heat shock proteins and autoimmunity.

University College, London. (Contact: M. Parkhouse)



9 Dr. Armin Mirza

Specific cellular protein kinases positively modulate Adenovirus early gene transcription.

Kings College, London. (Contact: J. McCauley)

23 Dr. Pradip Nandi

Mechanism of entry of a xenotropic recombinant retrovirus into porcine cells.

Directeur de Recherche, Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique, Nouzilly. France (Contact: M. Parkhouse)

30 Dr. Anne Stokes

A comparison of the complete sequence of the JS strain of human parainfluenza virus with two cold adapted, temperature sensitive mutant vaccine viruses, cp12 and cp45 derived from it.

Leeds University (Contact: M. Hofner)


 * POSTPONED: Rescheduled to later in the programme.





10 Dr. Andy Heath

CD40 and the mouse.

DNAX Research Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology Inc., Palo Alto, California. (Contact: M. Parkhouse)

11 Dr. Jean-Yves Sgro (11.00 a.m. Inside Conference Room.)

Topographical exploration of small icosahedral viruses: a graphical approach.

Institute for Molecular Virology, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

(Contact: M. Ryan)

17 Dr. Bob Sellers

Temperature and the persistence of viruses in Culicoides during adverse conditions.

Former Director Animal Virus Research Institute (IAH, Pirbright) and Animal Diseases Research Institute, Nepean, Ontario, Canada. (Contact: P. Mellor)

24 Dr. Joan Lunney

Genetic regulation of disease responses in pigs.

Animal Parasitology Institute, Beltville, USA. (Contact: M. Parkhouse)



8 Dr. Charles Kelly

Structural and functional analyses of a streptococcal cell surface adhesin.

Guys Hospital, London. (Contact: A. Childerstone)



5* Mr. Ian Robertson

"Research with exotic viruses" - the ministry view point.

Head of Notifiable Diseases Section, MAFF, Tolworth. (Contact: D. Barr)

12 Dr. David Baulcombe

Immunity (?) mechanisms in plants against virus infection.

Sainsbury Laboratory, Norwich. (Contact: L. Dixon)

19 Dr. Andrew James

The effect of disease on the efficiency of animal production.

Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics Research Unit, Reading. (Contact: P. Wilkinson)

26 Dr. Graham Foster

Inhibition of the cellular response to interferon by Hepatitis B.

Department of Medicine, St. Mary's Hospital, London. (Contact: T. Collen)



3 Dr. Nigel Pringle

The origin of oligodendrocytes.

Biology Department, Medawar, University College London. (Contact: M. Denyer)

10 Dr. Eddie Littler

Title to be announced.

Wellcome Research Laboratories, Beckenham. (Contact: L. Dixon)


* POSTPONED: Rescheduled to later in the programme.

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