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IAH-Pirbright: Seminar Committee Members

(January 2002 on)

Name Division Department / Group Telephone extn(s).
Nick J. Knowles (Chairman/Secretary) Epidemiology Experimental Epidemiology Group 1119 / 1160*
Peter P.C. Mertens (Treasurer) Molecular Biology Orbivirus Group 1094 / 1017*
Paul Barnett Epidemiology International Vaccine Bank R&D Group 1059 / 1153*
Tom Barrett Molecular Biology Morbillivirus Group 1068 / 1023*
Linda K. Dixon Molecular Biology African Swine Fever Group 1062 / 1027*
Terry Jackson Molecular Biology Picornavirus Structure Group 1097
Philip S. Mellor Epidemiology Arbovirology Group 1150*
Paul Monaghan Immunology and Pathology Department of Immunology 1100 / 1102 / 1026*
Alan Samuel Molecular Biology Orbivirus Group 1095 / 1159*
Philip J. Wilkinson Epidemiology Department of Disease Security and Laboratory/Animal Services 1015*
* denotes number outside the restricted area
Direct contact from outside the Institute can be achieved by dialing ++ 44 (01483) 23 + extn no.
or by contacting our switchboard on  ++ 44 (01483) 232441

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Current seminar co-ordinator: Jayne Hope

Current seminar co-ordinator: Nick Knowles
Committee Members

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